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Cutco Rob started in June 1997. He won 12 scholarships with Cutco while in college and was inducted into the Cutco Hall of Fame in August 2003. He was a pioneer in the Events program and Business Gifting Program in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Cutco Rob is one of only several National Cross Trainers. Over the last 4 years from 2018- current Cutco Rob has lead the business program in sales and recently started running a business mentoring mastermind group where he trains Cutco reps on the business program. Cutco Rob finished as number 1 sales representative in the nation out of thousands of representatives in 2021! Cutco Rob is married to his beautiful wife Katie and has three amazing kids Gabby, Bella and Robbie Jr. Cutco Rob's passion is to service his business customers at the highest level and give back to the Cutco Community!

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