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Ivan Yoder Builders

I just wanted to let you know how your innovative gift ideas have helped my home building business. I’ve been giving Cutco knife sets as holiday gifts to clients for many years. In that time, I have seen an increase in referrals and sales of homes to other clients. No matter who receives a set, Cutco is immediately recognized as a quality, high-end product. We’re received many notes and calls from happy clients.

Because I’m giving something that will get everyday use in the kitchen, I know my marketing dollars are well-spent. My company name is always in view of anyone who visits. When my clients use the knives, a positive image of my company is reinforced, making them more likely to speak well of our work to others, which definitely helps with referrals.

You’ve ensured my clients will receive unique and lasting thank you gift, one that makes them feel appreciated and let them know that my company provides a quality product from beginning to end. Because Cutco is a quality product, just like our homes, I can give them with confidence. Thanks for your creative gift solutions.

Ivan Yoder

Paul A. Miller Law Offices

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the paring and trimming knife set which you sold me with my professional name on it. I know the item is a bit pricy, however, the estate work and real estate work which I do often, represents fees which are quite substantial. This makes the gratuity seem quite insignificant.

Ten or fifteen years ago I bought cheap paring knives and ice cream scoops from local Amish representative with my name on it. Since then, I have quite often seen the knife and/or scoop “surface” in church picnic. When I saw that I decided this has to be one of the most useful and permanent marketing items which will stay with the client. If you want results, put it in mom’s kitchen!

At first I thought distributing a hundred or so of the items may be a problem, but I do not think that will be the case! Thanks for the good idea.

Best regards,
Paul A. Miller

Alpine Cabinets

We at Alpine Cabinets would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Cutco for producing a very high product. These knives are of the most unique design we have found.

Our employees were very delighted with the knife sets as were our customers for receiving the other pieces we got from you. It was great working with John and everything was as we ordered it. I would highly recommend any Cutco products as they are of the highest quality one can find.

Schlabach Builders

A couple of years ago you first called on our company offering your gift consulting services. After sitting down with us and finding out our specific needs you helped us customize appropriate gifts that would be appreciated and used for a long time by our employees. The set we gave them at Christmas were definitely a big hit with both the employees and even more by their spouses.

We have been impressed with your follow up as well. Your service after the sale has been beyond our expectations, with replacements being given even on lost items and quick turnaround on sharpening. The trip up to the Cutco headquarters made us fully realize just how impressive a company we were dealing with. First class speakers, red carpet treatment by you and your executives, and an amazing display of handcrafted technique blended with impressive technology.

What was even more appealing and useful to us as builders have been the gift options for our customer base. We build approximately 75 high quality custom homes a year and have often found it difficult to find a gift that would be appealing to all types of families, matches our homes in quality, and is appropriately priced considering the cost to build a home. In Cutco we have found all those and more. The fact that most of our new customers are referred by our current customer base and since each set proudly displays our logo, it is as you put it, ” a billboard advertising for Schlabach Builders in the customer’s home.” It has really complimented the beautifully handcrafted Schrocks’ kitchens that we offer in each home and the quality that we put throughout the house. It is amazing that positive feedback we have already received in the last two years. We look forward to working with you on continuing to “wow” our customers and are even looking into working out a coop with Schrocks on upgrading our future set and gifts. Thanks for continuing flow of great ideas.

Roy Schlabach

Mt. Eaton Pallet

I thought I would take a few moments to let you know how much Mt. Eaton Pallet, Ltd has benefited from Cutco merchandise. Three years ago, I started giving Cutco knives and other products to the wives of my employees. After the many positive responses I received, I then began giving Cutco products to my customers, friends and relatives-receiving the same positive responses.

I know the value and importance my employees place on the family. By presenting Cutco products to them, I have found that I only make my employees happy but their wives very happy as well. In fact, my employees turnover rate has decreased since Cutco products have been part of my Christmas bonus.

Thank you for your quality products and service. I look forward to continuing my business with Cutco for many Christmases to come.

Dwain Schlabach

MRV-Holmes Siding

I just had to let you know how pleased I have been with what you have been able to offer our companies in the way of employee and customer gifts over the last four years. Over the last twenty years we have found it a struggle to find something outside the realm of cash to give our 120+ employees. As you know, our company has always felt that the only giving out bonuses was impersonal and that the impact of the money would only be temporary. With Cutco, you get a lot of value not only because the whole family benefits from the gift but because every time he did he thought of me. There are very few gifts that can have that type of lasting impact years after they were given out.

Our customers, most of whom are business owners, have commented on the quality of your products as well. We have been impressed with how many people know the name Cutco and what a high quality gift it is. It has always been hard to find a gift for them because most of them can afford to buy what the want and most want the best. Since Cutco makes the highest quality kitchen and outdoor products available, we can be confident in giving it out and having it represents us well in our customer’s perception of our companies. As we have told you many times, buying Cutco is not cheap, but when we consider how important a good customer or employee is, it is not hard to see the return on investment of 30-40k spent over the course of an entire year.

What has been the most convenient part of working with you and your company has been long-term commitment you have offered our company. Most gift companies show once a year right before Christmas and have no real concept of what we are looking to accomplish. You have developed long term programs that fit employees, spouses and customers at price points from $30-$200 and with all kinds of options. Thank you for going the extra mile and for your friendship as well. We look forward to working with you in the future and grabbing steak and a Cavs game anytime!

Ed Yoder

Kuhn’s Construction

We just wanted to let you know we feel truly blessed to have gotten to know you and about your high quality and awesome knives. This is our 2nd year with the -Build-A-Set- for our employees. We love it. Since the ordering is all done in July, it makes for a much more relaxing Christmas time. We would recommend anyone to start the Build-A-Set plan…

Thank you,
Kuhn’s Construction

A&R Builders

I have personally used Cutco products for many years and am very pleased that I can share the experience with employees and customers of A&R Builders. As a gift reward program for workers, we’re helping them build a complete set of Cutco knives, several pieces at a time. Even those who are new to Cutco can immediately tell it’s a quality product that is truly unique. That’s why Cutco is an appreciated gift, because there’s always a need for one more quality knife in the kitchen.

That has really been true with the knife sets we started giving out as closing gifts to homeowners. We were a little hesitant to spend $300 on a closing gift but after realizing how small it was compared to the cost of the home, we decided to do a trial deal. After one year the responses and notes we’ve received have been amazing! We build homes for a variety of couples and everyone across the board has been surprised and overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and quality of the Cutco gift set. What excites us even more is that those sets will be on the counter advertising for many years and letting everyone know who walks in our homes who built it!

Before I wrap up this letter, I have to comment on one of my favorite items that Cutco makes: the flatware. Most people, including myself, would think that all flatware is basically the same. Cutco flatware has the same attention to detail and ease of use that’s made Cutco legendary. My kids and family never grab for any else whether they are eating dinner or having a snack. It is truly in a class all its own! In fact, I just purchased 12 extra sets for my own home so I’m sure have plenty to go around for large gatherings and family dinners. Thank you for all your great products, service and unique ideas for business gifts. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Erma Yoder

Schrocks Of Walnut Creek

Many thanks to you for your prompt and efficient follow-up in handling our employee gifts these past two years! Our employee base (over two hundred very fine individuals) benefits from the “special touch” which you extend.

Not only down the CUTCO quality “dove-tail” with our own attention to detail in our quality cabinets, but also your company offers a very practical product line (with an excellent guarantee package) giving us the flexibility to present our employees with various items which are much used and appreciated.

We are excited about our collaboration on the development and marketing on Schrock’s personalized Collector Series Pocket Knife offering. We really believe that allowing our employees to participate in this specialty pocket knife series will serve to further consolidate and motivate our family of employees. We appreciate your professionalism in pursuing this suggestion. As always, we respect and welcome your suggestions and your promotional guidance. You do a great job!
Thank you again for your remarkable service to our company.

Bryan J. Schrock

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