General price guidelines:

  1. Our most popular gifts start as low as $65 and go to $300 or $350 
  2. We have luxury gifts from $400-$4000
  3. Volume discount pricing is available for all items
  4. Very cool “EZ-Pay” program which allows you to split your payments over as many as 6 months with no interest or finance fees.
  5. All items are covered by Cutco’s famous forever-guarantee.
  1. Normal turnaround time is about 30 days. We are advising that people order a bit early because of supply + shipping challenges that everyone is facing, but turnaround time has been pretty steady at 30 days despite that.

Most items are engravable and come in various color options.

1-Pc. Business Gifts

2-Pc Business Gift Sets

Luxury Business Gifts

Hunting & Fishing

Pocket Knives

Gadgets & Accessories

Outdoor Tools

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