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I have personally used Cutco products for many years and am very pleased that I can share the experience with employees and customers of A&R Builders. As a gift reward program for workers, we’re helping them build a complete set of Cutco knives, several pieces at a time. Even those who are new to Cutco can immediately tell it’s a quality product that is truly unique. That’s why Cutco is an appreciated gift, because there’s always a need for one more quality knife in the kitchen.

That has really been true with the knife sets we started giving out as closing gifts to homeowners. We were a little hesitant to spend $300 on a closing gift but after realizing how small it was compared to the cost of the home, we decided to do a trial deal. After one year the responses and notes we’ve received have been amazing! We build homes for a variety of couples and everyone across the board has been surprised and overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and quality of the Cutco gift set. What excites us even more is that those sets will be on the counter advertising for many years and letting everyone know who walks in our homes who built it!

Before I wrap up this letter, I have to comment on one of my favorite items that Cutco makes: the flatware. Most people, including myself, would think that all flatware is basically the same. Cutco flatware has the same attention to detail and ease of use that’s made Cutco legendary. My kids and family never grab for any else whether they are eating dinner or having a snack. It is truly in a class all its own! In fact, I just purchased 12 extra sets for my own home so I’m sure have plenty to go around for large gatherings and family dinners. Thank you for all your great products, service and unique ideas for business gifts. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Erma Yoder

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