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I just had to let you know how pleased I have been with what you have been able to offer our companies in the way of employee and customer gifts over the last four years. Over the last twenty years we have found it a struggle to find something outside the realm of cash to give our 120+ employees. As you know, our company has always felt that the only giving out bonuses was impersonal and that the impact of the money would only be temporary. With Cutco, you get a lot of value not only because the whole family benefits from the gift but because every time he did he thought of me. There are very few gifts that can have that type of lasting impact years after they were given out.

Our customers, most of whom are business owners, have commented on the quality of your products as well. We have been impressed with how many people know the name Cutco and what a high quality gift it is. It has always been hard to find a gift for them because most of them can afford to buy what the want and most want the best. Since Cutco makes the highest quality kitchen and outdoor products available, we can be confident in giving it out and having it represents us well in our customer’s perception of our companies. As we have told you many times, buying Cutco is not cheap, but when we consider how important a good customer or employee is, it is not hard to see the return on investment of 30-40k spent over the course of an entire year.

What has been the most convenient part of working with you and your company has been long-term commitment you have offered our company. Most gift companies show once a year right before Christmas and have no real concept of what we are looking to accomplish. You have developed long term programs that fit employees, spouses and customers at price points from $30-$200 and with all kinds of options. Thank you for going the extra mile and for your friendship as well. We look forward to working with you in the future and grabbing steak and a Cavs game anytime!

Ed Yoder

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