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I just wanted to let you know how your innovative gift ideas have helped my home building business. I’ve been giving Cutco knife sets as holiday gifts to clients for many years. In that time, I have seen an increase in referrals and sales of homes to other clients. No matter who receives a set, Cutco is immediately recognized as a quality, high-end product. We’re received many notes and calls from happy clients.

Because I’m giving something that will get everyday use in the kitchen, I know my marketing dollars are well-spent. My company name is always in view of anyone who visits. When my clients use the knives, a positive image of my company is reinforced, making them more likely to speak well of our work to others, which definitely helps with referrals.

You’ve ensured my clients will receive unique and lasting thank you gift, one that makes them feel appreciated and let them know that my company provides a quality product from beginning to end. Because Cutco is a quality product, just like our homes, I can give them with confidence. Thanks for your creative gift solutions.

Ivan Yoder

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